D.C. City Council Corruption Report Card

With an upcoming mayoral election D.C. residents have a chance to vote out corruption and we have a comprehensive Council corruption report card here for you. More »

Why Are African Americans Not Voting Republican?

President Obama won the 2012 election overwhelming with the black vote despite declining conditions for blacks, but just why are blacks refusing to vote GOP? More »

Fox News Refuses to Attack Nelson Mandela and Here’s Why

Nelson Mandela died last Thursday and has generally been accepted as a hero across the globe, except for many Republicans. Fox News however has refused to attack his legacy and here\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s why. More »

Just What Does $500,000 Buy in Washington, DC?

The average home in Washington, DC sold for more than $800,000 just a few months ago, up $149,527 from last year, but don’t fret, if your budget caps off at $500,000, there are plenty of options for you to join the D.C. real estate market. - See more at: http://thedcpundit.com/just-what-does-500000-buy-in-washington-dc/#sthash.pTYzF0VT.dpuf More »


Obama Administration Knew About VA Problems Since 2008 Election

Obama VA

As of this summer, in an internal audit of the United States Veterans Health Administration, it was discovered that over 120,000 veterans faced extreme wait times if they were ever seen at all, along with a whopping 40 who died

Obama Refuses to Say Where in America Illegals are being Sent

Obama Immigration

Just as it is expected that 90,000 illegal immigrant children will be entering the United States through our unsecured borders with protests popping up around the country when the site of buses come such as in Arizona, the White House

Hundreds of Illegal Immigrants to be Sent to Chicago and Detroit

immigration Protests

Over the Fourth of July holiday weekend in Chicago, 70 people were shot with 13 left dead; in Detroit it was just announced that the city will be tearing down 1/5th of the city to help curve blight, and how

Rep Stockman Moves to Have Lois Lerner Arrested Over IRS Scandal

Lois Lerner

Former IRS Tax Exempt Organizations Director Lois Lerner has been accused of criminal conspiracy in multiple ongoing investigations both by the U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder stating the IRS unfairly targeted Conservative groups. She has been held in contempt of

A Close Look at President Obama’s Manufactured Border Crisis

Obama Border

As of right now, over 50,000 children have crossed the Southwest border into America, approximately a 100% increase from fiscal year 2013 and a total of 90,000 are expected to cross by year end. Outbreaks of rabies, scabies, chicken pox,

Detroit Announces Tearing Down 1/5th of the City

Detroit Demolition

“When all else fails, tear it down” is soon to become the de facto motto in Detroit. The Obama administration mandated Detroit Blight Removal Task Force has declared 22% of the city as blighted including vacant, damaged and dangerous buildings.

Republicans Were Right Not to Extend Unemployment Benefits

Obama Georgetown Waterfront

If you thought Hillary Clinton‘s famous irate Benghazi hearing with her flailing arm movements was something, President Obama‘s latest effort to stick it to Republicans will really tickle your fancy. In a speech Tuesday at Georgetown Waterfront Park, the President

Republican Lawyer Kris Hammond Runs for DC City Council

Kris Hammond

The DC Republican Party is establishing their roots in liberal Washington, taking the city’s Democrat leadership to task, starting with former Justice Department attorney Kris Hammond who announced yesterday that he is running for Chairman of the DC City Council.

DC Official to Get Criminal Charges for Hiding Tape Recording

Carolyn Steptoe

A low level Washington, DC official serving as Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Carolyn Steptoe may possibly be facing criminal charges for refusing to turn over a tape recording of an ANC meeting for an entire year. ANC members are non-paid elected

Is DC Mayor Vince Gray Looking to Stage a Marion Barry Type Comeback?

Vincent Gray Marion Barry

Vincent Gray, the mayor of Washington, DC recently lost the Democratic nomination to be re-elected on April 1st to Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser. Following the election we had the idea that the successor of his Ward 7 Council seat